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Rustichella d’Abruzzo

Since 1925 the green hills Vestine, in the workshop Rustichella d'Abruzzo use the best meal of durum wheat selected that are mixed together with water from the mountain with the same care and tradition of the past. L 'use of bronze die, which gives it the characteristic roughness and the long process of drying, 40 to 60 hours depending on the size, means that it enhances the taste of the dough, creating a traditional product of high quality flavors simple and genuine.

All made by hand, the various lines of pasta signed Rustichella d'Abruzzo sizes ranging from classic to purely regional and local

Pasta Cocco

It was back in 1915, just 14 years old, Domenico Cocco taken a job that would make him the protagonist in the production of pulp Fara S. Martino. As a tradition, the craft was then handed down to his son Joseph, who still produces a paste of the highest quality. When in 1944, he undertook his father's trade. Together they were challenged with the difficult task of searching among the rubble of the bombing that destroyed Fara San Martino, the pieces of the machines used by pasta makers then.

The cars were rebuilt and re-commissioning. With the same type of machines, with those memories, with those secrets, Cav. Giuseppe Cocco produces, even today, in Fara San Martino paste those distant times, good as it once was.

Balsamic vinegars

Balsamic Vinegar is a condiment unique in the world, produced in limited quantities as historically linked to the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. It seems, in fact, that the microclimate of these areas, with the highest temperature changes between hot summers and cold winters, allowing the musts ferment and age well by the traditional methods of production. This tradition is still alive in the Leonardi family who since 1800 with meticulous care and patience plays from year to year, the production cycle of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Biceno Oil

This amazing oil is produced in Sicily on the slopes that overlook the sea of Sciacca. Obtained by mixing skilfully three qualities of olives: Biancolilla Cerasuola and Nocelara, stands out for its lively fruity olive oil. Perfectly balanced by a slightly bitter and spicy flavors of indices that can be found only in a high quality oil.

Razzola Oil

Product on the terraces sloping down on the waters of Blue Bay, near Lerici.

The nose is fruity and light with a clear hint of almond aftertaste of artichoke and aromatic herbs. The palate is velvety, harmonious and sweet spicy notes accompanied by a persistent and progressive.

Bio Oil

Product on the terraces sloping down on the waters of Blue Bay, near Lerici, the nose shows a slightly fruity, herbaceous and aromatic sensations. The palate offers sweet note accompanied by intense feelings of light spicy and bitter.

Olive Oil

It is produced on sloping terraces on the waters of Blue Bay, near Lerici.

Light fruity nose predominantly mature, enriched by aromatic dried fruit. On the palate intense sweet note accompanied by spicy and slightly bitter intensity.

Special breads

It's easy to say but good bread bread has become more and more a rarity. The cause is the use of flour ester not controlled, the use of gluten, yeast is not natural, etc.. Here it is still possible to find good bread typical of our mountains. Fobello or Coimo, you can choose between certain products of tradition and quality.