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Parma ham

Did you know that not all hams are marked Parma Parma? Sure is amazing, but of about 27,000,000 thighs sold by the consortium of parma only about 4,000,000 pigs are born, raised and slaughtered in Parma. Our search for the product means that our hams are from pigs Italian and of the highest quality. When cut, you can find hams ranging from a minimum of 36 up to 48 months. The fact that certifies the quality of the final result is expressed in an explosion of taste and smell almost forgotten.

Valle Vigezzo ham

Of restricted production when compared to the most well-known names, the ham of the valley Vigezzo is an excellent niche product that comes close to Santa Maria Maggiore in about 800 feet tall. The excellent environmental characteristics, the slow maturation which involves periodically massage the thighs with a delicate aroma and smoke, give us approximately 18-24 months after an excellent quality product that embodies the characteristics of the mountain territory Vigezzo.

S. Daniele ham

Slightly smaller than the Parma ham and long leg, the San Daniele ham is produced only by Italian hams from the central and northern Italy. It is processed by recreating the natural rhythm of the seasons, with the use of sea salt, without the addition of chemical additives or preservatives. The special microclimate that surrounds the hills of San Daniele is the secret to making it in the period of curing a product scents and inimitable taste.

Lard mountain

Here is a demonstration of how a part of "poor" of the pig can be transformed, thanks to the experience and tradition, real white gold. Just perfect for an aperitif or after a meal, lard mountain can be served as a tradition with ground pepper "big" or more modernly above together with the chestnut honey.

Liver mortadella

Produced in the north-east of Piedmont, especially around Lake Orta and the lower Sesia Valley, the liver mortadella, also called fidighina is composed of lean pork, bacon and pork liver up to 50%. Great regional product can be eaten either raw version that seasoned cook from fresh.

Horse Salami

Typical of the province of Novara and in particular borgomanerese, horse riding-crops lend themselves as an excellent low-fat sausage appetizer. Slightly tastier than traditional pork sausage is sold in pieces that reach 200 grams and that reach a length of 45-50 cm. Hence the name "whip".

Salame Felino

Salame Felino is a product of high quality Italian made in the homonymous town of Felino is about 15 km from Parma. The meats used are of high quality and come exclusively from the chain of prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele. In production, along with cuts of meat Italian never too fat, is added black pepper, white wine and a pinch of salt. Rich in antioxidants Felino salami is stuffed using pig gut called "gentle", which guarantees the preservation of molds and bacteria in a natural way.

Salame hunter

It is a traditional local salami of pure pork with all 'inside small pieces of bacon well distributed. Cylindrical, 15-20 cm long about the "sausage" takes its name from the 'ancient custom that they see men chasing carrying around a sausage too small to break the labors of the day.